How to manage an anxious child

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How to manage an anxious teenager

Stress and anxiety is becoming a major issue for so many of our teenagers today. Prolongued anxiety can lead to so many other problems and completely disrupt a childs life. As parents watching your child struggle is heartbreaking and we often dont know how to help them or how to communicate with a monosylabic , shut down child who is refusing to come out of their room or get off their phone.

Its often a struggle to know what to do for the best. With teenagers you sometimes cant seem to ‘get through’ to them and its frightening when you feel as lost as they are. I aim to give you ideas and techniques on :

  • Advice as to how to communicate effectively with your child
  • How to support them and yourself
  • Ways to manage anxiety and stress
  • Techniques and advice in how to manage anxiety in your child
  • Additional resources for your teenager
  • Managing the mobile phone /online/social media
  • Ideas and tips about getting your child to interact with their world again
  • A chance to ask individual questions and get personal advice

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