Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper DipCHyp,NLP (Master Prac)

Jackie Cooper
DipCHyp,NLP (Master Prac)

Hi I am Jackie, a working mother of two teenage boys. My career has spanned many industries over the years but I have focussed most of my working energy in the healthcare and dental industries. I have always been a good listener helping and counselling my friends and family and decided to train and qualify as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist to learn practical techniques to give tangible help and not just be a shoulder to cry on.

To overcome a phobia of the dentist I decided to join the dental market as a nurse over 20 years ago and have spent many years supporting dentists to give great care to their patients which has given me an inside understanding of the trauma a phobia can have, now I work as a referral from many dental practices using the skills of Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help clients have a more relaxed relationship with their dental surgery.

Working and being a mum has taught me that all types of anxiety if not treated can stop someone living life to the full so in my practice I love helping my clients release themselves from their own emotions that can often dictate their lives. I help others to learn to manage themselves becoming the person they would like to be by understanding how their mind is working therefore helping them make sense of their thoughts to enable them to be more confident, healthier and more successful.

Testimonials for Jackie Cooper

  • You helped create a safe and nurturing environment where he felt heard and understood

    “We cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support and guidance provided by Jackie.

    Our journey with our son’s anxiety seemed overwhelming until we found your practice on line. Your compassionate approach and tailored techniques not only helped him cope with his anxiety but also helped him to regain confidence and joy in everyday life.

    You helped create a safe and nurturing environment where he felt heard and understood, allowing him to open up and work through his challenges.

    We are forever thankful for your support

  • Parent

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Jackie, for your support with helping my daughter learn to manage her panic attacks. 

    When we first contacted you, she was not able to leave her room or participate in family meals and she felt it was impossible to think about attending school, in fact some days she couldn’t leave the house turning back at the front door.  

    With a few sessions with you and your gentle coaxing and encouraging manner and support she has gained confidence, and we have our lovely daughter back. This has helped to transform her life as well as the rest of the family.  

    We are excited now to see. How well she can do and where her life takes her. 

     Thank you so much for your support. 

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