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We are here for the children who are struggling and the parents who love them.

THRIVE started with a conversation about the frightening increase in child mental health problems over the last several years. After covid it seemed that our children and teenagers were suffering even more than before and as all parents know, when your child suffers, you suffer.

All of us in THRIVE work with children and/or parents and most have children, so the conversation moved on to how frightening it was to care for a child with mental health difficulties and to not know where to turn, to feel lost and desperate.

We wanted to set up something where, no matter what your problem was, you could find advice , support and professional help. Together we hope to either be able to help you ourselves or to find you somewhere or someone who can provide you with what you need. Our team has extensive contacts with other therapists, counsellors, SENCOs and holistic and medical practitioners, so we would always seek to see you safely into the arms of the right person for you. We don’t want you to have to search the internet and call endlessly only to hear ‘sorry I don’t have availability’.

To find out more about us, or if you have any questions or need advice please contact us or call us free of charge – we want to help .

We all run our own individual businesses, and besides seeing individual clients many of us run events, groups, workshops and parents support sessions, for details click here.


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What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

When explaining hypnosis to a client, very often they will have a preconception of what hypnosis is. This often gained from seeing stage hypnotists or stereotypes in films or on TV. Explaining that it is an everyday occurrence and that as individuals we go in and out of hypnotic states in everyday life. These hypnotic states or trances are a perfectly normal physiological condition.

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